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3.6 million Medicare enrollees may now be eligible for Wegovy coverage

Medicare may soon cover the anti-obesity drug Wegovy for 3.6 million eligible beneficiaries, potentially costing nearly $3 billion annually and increasing Part D premiums. This follows the FDA's approval of Wegovy for those with cardiovascular risks. The surge in spending on similar drugs like Ozempic, which cost Medicare $5.7 billion in 2022, might lead to future cost negotiations.


Preventive Services Covered by Private Health Plans under the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act requires private insurance plans to cover recommended preventive services without cost-sharing. These include health screenings, immunizations, and women-specific services, based on expert recommendations. Despite legal challenges and some exemptions for grandfathered plans, these measures aim to improve health outcomes by detecting and managing diseases early.


Cigna to offer Humira rivals with $0 copay at specialty pharmacy

Cigna plans to offer biosimilar versions of the arthritis drug Humira with no out-of-pocket costs for eligible U.S. patients starting in June. These biosimilars, provided through Cigna's specialty pharmacy Accredo, are priced about 85% lower than Humira's current price. This initiative is expected to save around $3,500 annually for some of the 100,000 patients using Humira or its biosimilars at Accredo.


Pritzker heralds passage of health insurance legislation amid cost hike warnings

Illinois is considering a new bill led by Governor J.B. Pritzker, aimed at reforming health insurance practices to combat what he describes as "predatory" tactics. The Healthcare Protection Act proposes banning step therapy, eliminating prior authorization for mental health care, and increasing transparency about treatments needing prior authorization. It also seeks to outlaw certain short-term insurance plans. Critics argue the bill could raise insurance premiums by $12 to $40 per month and cost taxpayers an additional $30 million annually.


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